The Sweet Treats That Define Rajasthan

Rajasthan the land of royalty is also famous for its food and sweets that have had a heritage and story linked to them. These sweets have an association with some of the major festivals in the Rajasthani tradition.

Some of these dishes can be considered as the Indian versions of western dishes which have been long in our tradition.

  • The first delicacy on the list, Ghevar is Rajasthan’s tradition answer to the modernity of donuts and pastries. Just that this desi cake is kinda larger, crispier, and healthier. Largely made around the festival of Gangaur, Ghevar is best enjoyed with a layer of fresh cream or malai, or hot milk.
  • Have you ever seen a swirl of Phini dissolve in your milk? If not, then you have missed something amazing in your bucket list for Rajasthani sweets. It is made up of saffron strands and watching it dissolve is like looking at a mystery unfold itself in front of your eyes.
  • While all these are a great year round favourite for the locals, winters in Rajasthan are typically amazing and quite chilly. The most preferred sweet dish/ dessert during winters is the Moong dal ka Halwa.

We don’t want to tempt you with more sweets from the land of royalty but would love to invite you to try them out at JANTA SWEET HOME and get the taste on your tongue.